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May. 24th, 2008 | 10:37 am
mood: okayokay

Moving sucks. I'm living with my mom's friend now and it just feels weird.
Like, I can get used to it but.. it's not my home yet.

On another note, I seriously want to know why everyone thinks the SHINee boys are amazing.
I listened to their new song/watched the MV for it and I really wasn't blown away.
Maybe I'm too mean of a noona.

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(no subject)

Feb. 14th, 2008 | 06:10 pm


Today was kind of icky since I had two tests and I'm sick. :/
But I have chocolate, and tissues so it's okay!!

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Jan. 25th, 2008 | 05:56 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: She's Gone - Super Junior

Pairing: SiBum
For: lovelysilver19
I'm sorry it's so bad, unpa. DDD:

Siwon and Kibum were close friends.

Of course, they couldn't be more, because Siwon had HanKyung, and Kibum had Heechul. Both parties were very happy with each other, as happy as they could get anyways.

Siwon didn't know why he felt hurt everytime Kibum asked him for help with Heechul.

Maybe it was because he felt he could do better, and be a better boyfriend than Heechul.

He loved his hyung, but sometimes, he wasn't a good boyfriend.

Siwon knew Kibum didn't cry, especially around others. It took a lot to make the younger boy cry, because even winning an award [their first award no less.] couldn't make the wall named Kibum cry.

The "horse" like man was biting his lip, waiting for Kibum to come out so they could go shopping for a present for Heechul.

Siwon felt his heart beating hard in his chest as he thought about what to do.

He could go with his friend, and feign happiness, or not go, and deal with a sulking Kibum.

Siwon rubbed his temples, when he heard someone enter the room. He looked up and saw Kibum, all ready to go, HanKyung behind him with a weird look on his face.

"Hey," Siwon stepped forward, passing Kibum to kiss his Chinese boyfriend on the forehead, "I'll be back soon."

"Take your time~" He spoke in accented korean, with a bright smile.

Siwon and Kibum left, not realizing HanKyung and Heechul were left alone.


"Heechul likes silver."

So do I. Siwon glanced at Kibum as they looked around a cheap jewelry store. You would think being a member of Super Junior would pay well (and it did! For about 8 people. But there was 13, so money was a little tight.)

Both boys were dressed in disguises, so no fangirls would know it was really them. Siwon sighed, looking around for anything that Heechul would like. (Something was wrong with him, beacuse Siwon kept picking out things Heechul would hate.)

"He's picky." Kibum sighed, looking at all the necklaces and rings, and everything else the store had to offer. Then he found something perfect. It was a small, silver ring, hung on a silver chained necklace. He was going to get it engraved, but he didn't have enough money on him, so he just bought the necklace. He thanked the owner with a small bow and left, the black leather box in his pocket.

"Do you think Heechul will like it?"

Heechul. Heechul. Heechul. Siwon tried to stay as gentlemanly as he could.

"Of course, if it comes from you."

"He's not really like that.. he's more like.. 'You got me this? It's stupid, take it back.' Sometimes, it kinda hurts." Kibum chuckled to himself, as Siwon lips formed into a slight frown. Siwon would accept anything from Kibum, because it was the thought tha-

What was he thinking?! Kibum was a friend and he was in love with HanKyung.

Wasn't he?

As they entered the SuJu apartment, the air was silent.

"Hannie? Heechul?" Kibum looked in the kitchen, and Siwon walked towards the bathroom. What he heard made him pause. Nobody was in the bathroom, but someone was definitely in the bedroom. And Siwon was guessing it wasn't Shindong.

He heard breathy whispers and his heart sped up, as he put his hand on the bedroom door. Did he want to go in? Did he really want to get his heart broken, because he knew he wasn't going to like what was inside.

Kibum appeared beind Siwon, before he grabbed Siwon's hand turning the handle. The door swung open and the two guys inside paused. Kibum felt his heart sink, and Siwon held himself back from attacking.

Inside the room, a glistening Hankyung and Heechul stared back at them, both flushed red from their "activities". Heechul pulled out of Hankyung, trying to grab a blanket to cover himself up. Hankyung turned away from Kibum and Siwon, as Heechul fiercely shut the door on both shocked boys' faces.

Kibum and Siwon looked at each other, trying to hold back any tears that pooled in their eyes. They walked silently has they heard people in the bedroom scrambling and throwing stuff over.

Both heartbroken boys walked outside the apartment slowly, before taking a seat on the ground outside. They didn't speak, but Kibum did drop Heechul's ring on the ground, watching the silver bounce up and down on the floor.

Kibum looked at Siwon before he got enough courage to speak.

"So um.. are you.."

Siwon nodded and sighed softly, scratching his head.

"We've got each other."

Why wasn't Siwon as sad as he should be? He licked his lips, looking at Kibum with something in his eyes. He leaned forward and captured Kibum's lips with his, the younger boy's eyes open in surprise. Siwon pulled back to look at Kibum.

"It's.. it's.. too early."

Siwon nodded quickly, as Kibum leaned his head on Siwon's shoulder.

"I'll be here, if you ever need me. I was and will always be. I promise."

Siwon whispered the boy, and Kibum nodded.

He knew Siwon would keep that promise.

When the front door opened, Hankyung and Heechul now dressed, Kibum knew he would make Siwon keep that promise.

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Jan. 22nd, 2008 | 11:02 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: JUNGSUU.


I'll be back with a HaeLie, after I come home from school tomorrow. >D

But for now..

Warning: Image Heavy!!! Sorry. XDD

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Jan. 21st, 2008 | 07:47 pm
location: My House~
mood: cheerfulcheerful

Look! Teukie!muse! I named my new dog after you!

Introducing: Jungsu~

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Dimple Boy

Jan. 21st, 2008 | 06:15 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: Girl's Generation - So Nyeo Shi Dae

Pairing: TeukNa!! 8DDD
For bitofajungle cause she's my umma.
Words: 1268
Warning: Make-out scene~! XD

She called him Dimple Boy.

He had a name of course, but she never cared to learn it. She remember the first time he walked into the bar where she worked at, with baggy clothes, and a weird blonde hair cut and frames with lenses in them. He sat down in front of her, giving a goofy smile to her and her fellow coworker. They were in a weird staring match for a couple seconds before he tilted his head.

Then he ordered a glass of soju.

As she was pouring his drink into a cup, she couldn't help but stare at him. She didn't notice the dim lights reflecting off of his smile, or his blonde thrown over hair, but she noticed how the light bounced off his dimple.

His very cute dimple.

She glanced at her coworker, Alex, who was flirting with a cute boy at the end of the bar (who she later learned was named Kibum) before glancing back at Dimple Boy. He was looking at her curiously.

"Oh. Here."

Mina handed the drink to the boy, before blushing lightly. What was with her? She saw hundreds of cute guys a night, with the same hundreds hitting her (very awkwardly). So.. why was she blushing for this guy.

"Anything else?"

"I ate all your popcorn."

Dimple Boy held up the empty basket of popcorn and scratched his head sheepishly. She took the basket and filled it again, before handing it to him. "There."    

The boy thanked her, but didn't touch the popcorn, as he took his glass (and paid first) and left the bar.

She didn't see him again that night.

At work the next night, he was back again, eating all her popcorn and asking for a glass of soju.

But this time, he asked for two glasses.

"Why?" She teased, drying off some glasses. "Got a hot date?"

"One's for you."

Mina blinked, before pouring him a glass. She didn't get one for herself, but she just watched as he downed his glass.

"Bad day?"

He nodded and she poured him another glass.

That turned into 6 glasses.

His cheeks were flushed and he giggled, hand caressing hers. She blinked at the nameless boy as he clung to her arm, stroking up and down. He smiled brightly at her, before laughing. "You're cute~"

"You're drunk." Mina was blushing, but she totally ignored it and took his hand off her arm. But he persisted and grabbed her hand again, intertwining it with hers.

"I'm serious~ You're so cute~ How about a kiss? I haven't been kissed in forever~ Please?"

He leaned closer to her but he was pulled away by another man, apologizing for his behavior. She waved goodbye as his got dragged out of the bar, yelling.

"But she's my girlfriend!"


He didn't come back for a couple weeks.

She was starting to miss his weird chats, or his cute dimple.

She was sitting, fingers drumming lightly on the counter, as she listened to her music. She wasn't paying attention to anything, only the music blaring in her ears.

That was until someone pulled down her headphones.

She pouted and looked up before pausing. It was Dimple Boy.

"I haven't seen you in a while."

He sat next to her and nodded excitedly, touching her hand lightly. Her eyes widened and she tried to contain a squeal.

"I've been a bit busy."

Mina nodded before there was silence.

What could she say now?

"Hey, I never learned your name."

She blinked at him before laughing.

"I'm Mina. And you're.. you're Dimple Boy."

He blinked, again and again, before he chuckled.

"I'm Park Jungsu."

Park Jungsu. What a fitting name. He started chatting happily with her, while she just listened to his ramblings. His friend needed a girlfriend, he was really sorry for trying to hit on her, he won the lottery a couple night ago, so he finally paid off his rent and his tab, and he got a gig somewhere to sing tonight. But just one song, because the rest of his "band" couldn't make it. She was listening to intently to even pay attention to anything else. Her iPod was on a song she hated, and people were trying to call her but she ignored them. She reached for her glass of soda [she picked that up from her weirdo cousin, Siwon] when she accidentally spilled it all over the counter, and Park Jungsu himself.

They both sprang up, yelling apologies as they tried to clean up the mess. Mina's cheeks were red from embarrassment, while he was red from a blush. He took off his shirt, luckily having a white wifebeater on underneath.

"I'm really sorry."

"Hey, it's fine." He tried to reassure her. He glanced at the clock before cursing. "Shit. I gotta go. I'll see you again!"

She waved sadly as he walked away.


It was 10 PM and the night was slow.

Sure, there were a lot of people around the bar, but time was just going slow for the poor, still embarrassed girl.

Some drunk guys already tried to hit on her, but she shook them off with a slap to the arm.

At 10:30, it was a special "karaoke" night. Some drunk people went on stage and sung badly.

Some people thought it was funny. She thought it was stupid.

At 10:55, the last possible karaoke singer hit the stage, but Mina didn't even care anymore. She had her back turned, so she only heard their voice.

Once they started singing, she spun around, eyes wide as Park Jungsu sang his love song.

She watched him (trying to contain the hearts in her eyes) as he finished, thanking everyone.

Her heart hurt.

He was singing to his girlfriend, probably, or some guy.

All the good ones were gay anyways.

She watched as he excitedly walked over to the bar. He sat down in front of her with a goofy smile.

"So, what did you think?"

She waved him off with her left hand, shouting over her right shoulder. "It was good."

"I want to tell you a secret! Come here!"

She sighed, hoping her eyes didn't betray her as she turned around, elbows on the counter, looking straight at him.

"Go ahead."

He leaned forward, so sloe, so she could feel his hot breath on her skin. It took all her might not to shiver.

"It was for you."


She was cut off by his lips on hers, as she felt his hand wrap around her cheek. She melted into his hand as she kissed him back, her mouth opening slightly when she felt something wet touch her bottom lip. As soon as his tongue touched hers, she let the shivers shake her body, as she held herself up with her elbows. He flicked her tongue one last time before pulling away, a satisfied grin on his lips.

"You're my girlfriend, remember?"

She blinked, remembering his earlier, drunken rant about she was his girlfriend. She colored, nodding quickly. Nothing could bring her down from this high~

Except her stupid boss Heechul.

"Hey! Do I pay you to make out with your boyfriends? No! I pay you to work! So work, idiot!"

She rolled her eyes, before handing Jungsu her cell phone.

"Here. Put your number in, then I'll call you or something."

He leaned in again and kissed her one last time, before she pulled away and walked down to the end of the bar mutting something, "There better be more where that came from."

Jungsu would make sure of that.

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"Of Ice cream and Cell Phones"

Jan. 21st, 2008 | 12:00 am
mood: coldcold
music: Sapphire Blue - Super Junior

For avirjin because I love her, and she loves me? XD
Words: 1262
Pairing: YehWook

Kim Ryeowook loved going to the cell phone store a couple of blocks from his house. They had cute phones, cute accesories, and even cuter workers.

One of which was named Kim Jongwoon.

The older boy had long, black hair, a slim nose, and a happy smile, that hid something dark. He only worked one day a week [every Saturday, 12 - 9, then afterwords he went out with his friends to a karaoke bar, to sing drunkenly. Ryeowook wasn't obsessed at all.]

Today was Saturday, and it was 11:55 am, and Ryeowook was nervous. Whenever he would go to the store, and see Jongwoon's smile, his heart would flutter dangerously.

Was it wrong to love a boy as much as Ryeowook loved Jongwoon?

Ryeowook blinked and paused, stopping by a street cart that was selling small ice cream cups. Did Jongwoon even like ice cream? Ryeowook blushed to himself, before buying a small strawberry cup. He thanked the vendor and walked quickly to the store, checking the time. 12:03. Rounding the corner, he saw that the store was open, and nobody was in it. Perfect.

He opened the door, hearing the "ding" of the bell, and he saw Jongwoon's head snap up to see him. He watched those slightly pale lips form into a smile, as he set his elbows on the glass counter.

"You always come a couple minutes after we open, Ryeowook-ssi."

Jongwoon commented, as Ryeowook blushed even harder. Ryeowook took a seat, taking a bite of the ice cream he just bought for Jongwoon.

Wait! He wasn't supposed to do that!

Jongwoon looked amused as the younger boy flushed darkly and set the ice cream on a table.

"What kind is that?"

Ryeowook looked up at Jongwoon. The cell phone in his pocket vibrated, but he ignored it, just for Jongwoon. Ryeowook's mouth suddenly went dry, and he tried to contain his emotions.


Jongwoon made a slight face, and Ryeowook could tell that wasn't his favorite flavor. He felt stupid now - going out and buying ice cream for his crush without knowing his favorite flavor. He lowered his head lightly, and Jongwoon seemed to notice this. He felt bad for making that face.. because he could tell Ryeowook bought it especially for him.

"Um.. let me try some."

He saw happiness dance around in Ryeowook's eyes as the smaller boy got up, running over to Jongwoon with the ice cream cup in hand. He offered the spoon to Jongwoon who took it, licking all the ice cream off the spoon. He smiled lightly, and Ryeowook felt his pants vibrate again. What was so important? The vibrating stopped, only to start again in a second. Ryeowook took his phone out of his pocket, sighing for the loss of JongWook time.

He checked the couple of messages from his friend Sungmin, who was spazzing about his missing bunny stuffed animal. Oh.. that was right. Kangin took it a couple of nights ago, because he was tired of the fluffy thing getting stepped on. And being on his floor. And being on his floor to be stepped on. He started texting back, but Jongwoon took the phone from his hands, looking at it.

"This phone is really old. Yah, Ryeowook-ssi, you come in here every Saturday, and you don't buy any new phone?"

"I-I.. I don't have.. any money.." He blushed, while Jongwoon took another bite of his ice cream. He looked Ryeowook up and down, before leaning closer to the younger boy. He watched Ryeowook flush darkly as he whispered. "I can get you a discount."

Ryeowook heard someone cough from behind Jongwoon and he pulled back, clearing his throat.

Jongwoon's friend and coworker Kyuhyun stood in the back room doorway with an amused smirk on his face. He checked the time before taking off his nametag. "I'm going out for lunch."

"It's been 30 minutes since we opened." Jongwoon blinked in surprise, before Kyuhyun shrugged.

"Girlfriend gets off in five minutes for lunch so I'm going to meet her."

Kyuhyun grabbed his jacket, promising he'd be back in 30 minutes or less. As he walked out, Jongoon mumbled something about making out and lunch, before turning back to Ryeowook with a small smile.

"Sorry about that."

"I-It's.. okay.." Ryeowook looked down and blushed, fiddling around with the charm on his cell phone. That was old too..

The problem that Ryeowook had was that.. all his stuff was old, and he couldn't afford new stuff. He sighed, glancing at Jongwoon.

"I'm sorry.. I always come in here, and I never buy anything."

Jongwoon fiddled with something behind him and pulled out a brand new keychain, one with a small photo slot on the end. He grabbed it, showing it to Ryeowook. "Isn't it cute? It's my favorite."

Ryeowook nodded quickly, glancing at it. He really wanted it, but he couldn't afford it. Jongwoon smiled lightly, eating the rest of the ice cream, careful not to get it on the keychain.

Sometimes, Jongwoon wondered why he always did little things for Ryeowook, when he could just send the non-customer away. And he also wondered why his heart beat fast whenever Ryeowook walked through those doors.


The younger blushed darkly, noticing that Jongwoon dropped the "ssi" on his name. He stepped closer to the counter and started stuttering when Jongwoon grabbed his hand.

It was so obvious to Jongwoon that Ryeowook liked him. Jongwoon thought it was time to let the younger know he felt the same.

"I want you to have this."

Jongwoon put the keychain in Ryeowook's hand and Ryeowook peeped, dropping in on the counter.

"I can't."

"You can.. here. Let's take a picture together, for the keychain."

Ryeowook blushed, nodding quickly. A picture with Jongwoon? It was almost a dream come true..

Jongwoon pulled out his phone, setting it to self-portrait, so he could take a picture. He leaned close to Ryeowook, who was blushing darkly, putting their faces close together. "Say cheese, okay?"

Ryeowook nodded.

"I'll count to three,then we'll take the picture, okay? One.. two.. three."

Ryeowook gave a big smile, but as Jongwoon pressed the button to take the picture..

He also pressed his lips to Ryeowook's.

Both boys paused as their eyes slid closed, and Jongwoon's hand came to rest on Ryeowook's face. They then pulled away, with Jongwoon licking his lips.

"You know.. I don't like strawberry flavored ice cream.. but I like the way you taste."

"God, that was corny."

Both boys blushed as Kyuhyun walked on, his own face a bit rosy. He shrugged off his coat and walked into the back room, leaving the boys alone again.

There was a weird silence, before Ryeowook nervously stuttered out.

"I.. I um.. I like you."

Jongwoon smiled and plugging his phone in, he started printing out their kissing picture.

"I like you too."

He messed with some things and printed out the picture, before slipping it into the keychain. He put the keychain on Ryeowook's phone, before also putting his number into the phonebook. He handed Ryeowook's phone back, before leaning in to whisper.

"I'm off tomorrow.. so.. let's go out. Call me later."

Ryeowook nodded quickly, before leaving the store with a cute wave.

Kyuhyun came out from the back, munching on some cookies.

"New boyfriend?"

Jongwoon nodded before sighing.

"He's cute, isn't he?"

"Yeah. He's cute. Not cuter than you know who~"

Jongwoon rolled his eyes, wondering if he'd turn out like Kyuhyun and his girlfriend.

Jongwoon hated working long hours but he could handle it, on other days.

But this time, he couldn't wait for work to be over.

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Jan. 20th, 2008 | 08:35 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Big Bang - Lie

For fullofhappiness because she's the only one I know who likes KiChul (and because she asked for it.)

It was cold.

It amazed Heechul that he could actually feel something, other than emptiness and a bit of guilt. The other members worried, because the once happy, in your face Heechul was gone, replaced with this empty shell Heechul. A Heechul who would snap at any time. There was something wrong with him.

He wasn't whole anymore.

That's what was wrong. He promised himself that he would never let any break-up get him down, or make him this upset, but he broke it.

Nobody could cheer him up. All Heechul did was eat, sleep, and think. He wouldn't reduce himself to crying, but he came oh so close.

It hurt.

He told himself he'd be over it by the end of the week. Over his heartache and pain, and he'd be back to the old Heechul.

It had been a month.

It wasn't right. If love was strong, and love was forever, then where did it go? Obviously, it left when he did.

Love was just a four letter word.

With blank and dark eyes, Heechul got off of his bed, walking to the kitchen, his feet dragging along the way. Sungmin was in the kitchen, getting himself a small snack. When he heard Heechul come in, he gave a bright smile, offering some chocolate.

"Are you feeling better, Heechulie?"

"Do I look like I'm fucking feeling better? No, idiot."

Sungmin's smile turned into a frown, tears brimming his eyes. His eyes watched his younger bandmate's tears fall over his eyelids and stream down his face.

"I was trying to be nice."

Ryeowook peeked his head into the kitchen and immediately flushed, running to Sungmin. He comforted the blonde haired boy, with a small hug and kiss. Heechul glared at the two, feeling his heart beat faster in want.

He still had a heart? He thought it got torn out.

He turned around to leave the kitchen, but paused when he saw a pair of dark eyes on him. The black haired, younger boy stared back at him, his eyes and face giving away nothing.

Heechul grew angry. He could just sit there, feeling nothing, while Heechul felt all the guilt and need?

"Fuck you."

Heechul shouted and grabbed a picture frame, throwing it against the awll. He didn't stay to see the mess, but he heard the large crack of glass as it hit the wall. He heard worried shouts and yells but he ignored them as he stalked to his room, slamming the door behind him.

He fell onto his bed and into plagued dreams.

He was falling. Falling into blackness, unable to stop himself.

Then, he was on his feet, staring into black eyes. The person's lips whispered something unaudible, and then, those same lips pressed against his. He closed his eyes and reached his hand out to touch the boy's face but..

It disappeared.

Heechul opened his eyes and looked around for that boy he still loved, but he only got echoing whispers.

"It's over."

Heechul grew frantic as he looked all around, but the black around his was just endless. He was falling again.

"No, I don't want it to be over!"

"It's over."

"Stop it!" He yelled out, voice cracking.

Heechul woke up in a sweat.

Another bad dream. They weren't odd anymore; he would have nightmares once every two days, other times, it was just restless sleep.

Why was he so attached? It was just one boy, out of millions on the planet. He could get over it, he really could. He would go out there, and tell him that he was letting go.

He turned his eyes to a chair near him and stared at the dark figure sitting there. Heechul's eyes darkened, before he pointed to the door.

"Get the fuck out."

"We need to talk, Heechul."

Heechul glared with fierce eyes at his ex-lover, before he started yelling.

"Get the hell out of my room, I don't want you here! Get out, out! Get out now, Kibum!"

Kibum got up, walking slowly towards Heechul. He stopped in front of the older boy, eyes peering down at the distressed boy. Neither spoke, they just stared into each other's eyes. Kibum brought a trembling hand up to stroke Heechul's face, before he whispered in a low voice.

"I'm sorry.. I love you.. It was all a lie."

"I don't care." Heechul smacked Kibum's hand away, pointing to the door. "You messed this up, you deal with the consequences. We're over Kibum, you said so yourself. Now get out. I'm tired of seeing your ugly face."

Kibum didn't move, flinch or anything.. he just leaned down and kissed Heechul, before walking out, whispering.

"I love you."

The door shut and silence took over the room.

Heechul laid down, taking heavy breaths, thinking about what Kibum said. "I love you" repeated in his head over and over, but he shook those words out. Kim Heechul didn't need love. He didn't need anything or anyone, especially Kim Kibum. He only needed himself, from today on. He promised himself this, and this time, he would keep it.

He closed his eyes, falling into a dreamless sleep.

Kibum frowned, as Hechul looked at himself one more time in the mirror. He didn't understand why, whenever they kissed, he couldn't put his hands through Heechul's hair.

"You're not perfect, you know."

"What are you talking about? Yes I am." Heechul grinned at himself, before putting his mirror away. He glred at Kibum, smacking his shoulder. "I am."

Kibum glared and got off the couch, rubbing his shoulder.

"It's not all about you, Kim Heechul. Sometimes, I want it to be about me."

Heechul blinked before rolling his eyes.

"It's about you, too Kibum."

"What? 3 minutes out of 24 hours?"

Heechul wasn't going to back down. He was right (he was always right), and this time was no different.

"Well, if you don't like it, then break up with me."


Heechul blinked, his tactic seemingly having a different effect than he wanted. "What?"

"It's over."

Heechul blinked, not understanding. Over? He didn't want it to be "over". "You're kidding."

"I'm not kidding, you stupid asshole. I'm telling you it's over. You don't need me anyways, you have yourself and your fucking mirrors. So, if you want someone to kiss and love, look at yourself. Because I'm done with you. Go fuck yourself Kim Heechul. I'm done."

Kibum threw his stuff down, walking off to the hall where all the Super Junior bedrooms were. Heechul heard something slam, and something break, but he just stared forward.

It was over? It couldn't be over.

The front door opened, and Kangin and Eunhyuk walked in, talking idly to each other. They glanced at Heechul, then each other, then back at Heechul.

"Hey, Chul, are you okay?"

Heechul looked at Kangin before nodding slowly.

But he wasn't okay, and he wouldn't be for a long time.

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Meme, yo?

Jan. 20th, 2008 | 06:02 pm
mood: coldcold
music: Zen Me Ban - S.H.E.

-rolls for meme-
I took it from Donghae!muse.
... YEAH! 8D


Miracle - Super Junior

Proud - DBSK

Believe - Tamaki Nami

Forever Love (PV Rip) - THSK

明日わ来るから - THSK

All Rise - Xiah Junsu (1st Live Concert)

Shine we are! - Boa

Brand New Beat (七色の明日) - Boa

I'll be there (Korean) - DBSK

Dakishimeru - Boa (Hahaha, wth.)

Sapphire Blue - Super Junior

Disco Drive - Super Junior

Comet (Korean) - Younha

Everlasting - Boa

Blind Game Again - Gravitation / Nittle Grasper

Lovin' You - THSK

白色恋歌 - S.H.E.

Galjeung (Original) - Super Junior (... Thirsting.. )

U - Super Junior (you're scary? D:)

Get Me Some - DBSK

Show Me Your Love - DBSK & Super Junior

Zen Me Ban (怎么办) - S.H.E.
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Appa's birthday present!!~

Jan. 18th, 2008 | 07:20 pm
location: Kyuhyun's bed.
mood: coldcold
music: Kissing You - SNSD

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